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Vote with Your Brains and not Your Feet
Vote with Your Brains and not Your Feet By: Jim Szumera - MACOR Published on: 10/9/2015
Let’s Vote with Our Brains, not Our Feet.
The political conventions are coming. The real campaigns will begin.
Here we are at another major election in the year 2016 and people are telling me to get out and vote. The problem is I can’t get to the polls. Somebody took the phrase “get out and vote” literally and imposed undue hardship on me and millions of Americans. Voting should be a click away, not 5 miles away. After all, we buy, bank and bet online, why not vote?
I am handicapped. For me, getting out to vote is a huge hardship. I have to plan the trip, let alone the gas and time. I then have to stand in line. I just can’t figure it out. There is no common sense reason why we can’t vote online or via the smart phone. The get out and vote theme is obsolete. Is it a government tradition? Is it in the constitution? Is it a law or just a “gathering” thing? Is it a quest for political power and leverage preventing this? Are current voting laws blocking progress or does the political machine want to keep us barefoot and pregnant? Getting out to vote reminds me of the Diamond lane or HOV lane. It sounds nice but achieves nothing. The Polling Place should exist online. We moved and my wife wanted to register to vote. She went online and was able to change her driver’s license address but could not register to vote on line. She physically had to print out a form, fill it out, and mail it in. This voting thing is silly! We need serious people to do serious things. What say U?
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don jacksOct 12, 2016 - 10:57 am
Get used to Trump as President.
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Has GOD Left the Building? By: Jim Szumera - MACOR Published on: 04/5/2015
Has GOD Left the Building?

As a practice I usually avoid discussing politics and religion.
This Christmas my wife gave me Jonathan Cahn’s book “The Harbinger” as a gift. It was probably meant to enlighten me in a spiritual way. I confess that I am not easily enlightened or have been a person of religious conviction. None the less I must admit, after reading through the book, the correlations of Ancient Israel to the United States of America are eye opening and merit attention. History tells us that our forefathers actually founded America and based its existence in a covenant with God. Basically the book contends that God’s blessings that he bestowed upon Ancient Israel and America are being withdrawn for abandoning his ways. The premise is that America is going away from God and abandoning his teachings as did Ancient Israel. God is now in retaliation mode and America is heading for Armageddon. According to the book it has already begun. 911 was the first warning or harbinger.

According to scripture, the people of Ancient Israel slowly abandoned God’s teachings by worshiping idols, fornication, and human sacrifice of children, profanity and greed. After reading the book I really tried to grasp what was happening in America in recent decades that has angered God, according to the book. We are all concentrating and focusing on our own lives. We can no longer see reality and how things change around us, especially if change happens slowly. I tried to look at some of the changes in America in my lifetime in order to validate some of the correlations in the book. I must admit it doesn’t look too good. It’s like political correctness, lawsuits, freedom, and choice have been used against God. It seems, as Americans, we have twisted and torqued the constitution off its axis to suit the agendas of the loudest and not the majority. This trend away from God has gained more traction since the debacle in the Catholic Church, Jonestown, and Waco. That time became a period of religious retreatment which enabled the trend away from God to continue and gain momentum. In the midst of it all, churches found a crawl space where they are comfortable and no longer willing to challenge evil head on in society. There seems to be a focus on individual recruitment and salvation. This is a good thing but the numbers will never get it done. It may not be good enough to pass God’s muster. Below is a list of some changes in America’s policy in my lifetime. My comments are intended to emphasize the trajectory of America’s moral process as a whole.

1. Abortion. Is it wholesale human sacrifice as in Ancient times or is it OK because it is labeled today as “Choice” and made legal by man’s law? It has become an everyday occurrence, like getting a flu shot or cavity filled. Absent a funeral, or a cigar box in some ones backyard, the unborn fetus is disposed of as bio-waste. It’s against the law to be cruel to animals and illegal to compromise endangered species, but it is ok to terminate human life. Is abortion destroying potential greatness that may be within the unborn child?
2. Prayer in School. How could prayer in school be a bad thing? If one is made uncomfortable by prayer, should it be litigated out of the classroom and existence? What then with “In God We Trust” on our money. I guess that might be next.
3. Gay Marriage or Union? The bible teaches that this behavior is an abomination and flies in the face of all Christianity and its teachings. Remember, with marriage comes children. Has anyone, including the Supreme Court, thought of the children in all of this? Are homosexual acts a form of child pornography or abuse if seen by the child? If not, how will the homosexual act be included in the “birds and bees” explanation? Should the homosexual experience be offered to children as a lifestyle choice? Can this be considered lewd behavior with a child? Will children of homosexual parents be socially disadvantaged in a heterosexual world? Will children of homosexual parents be influenced into that lifestyle regardless of its own sexual preference, as heterosexual parents do now with their children? Regardless of how television portrays gay marriage, will it not open up an entire industry of baby buying and selling? Will there be baby catalogs and on line buying? It may start out as friends having babies for friends, but is that the way it is going to end? Will child birth be trivialized in these transactions? Are there any adoption guidelines in place? Can a child be legally placed in a homosexual environment? Why did it take over 100 years to abolish slavery and just a few to approve homosexual marriage? Some would argue that the word marriage be replaced with Union. This compromise would legally preserve the sanctity of a man and woman bonding in matrimony and afford the same legal rights to the Gay couple. The official Union would serve as the legal “Bonding Certificate” for the Gay couple. One also argues that the Devil himself is redefining marriage.
4. Fornication and Profanity in Prime Time. There is more profanity and fornication of all kinds during prime time television than ever was. Has this happened because of Free Speech, the Hollywood ratings system, lack of control or something else? The trend has increased substantially in the past decade. Last year there was a show on television called Rake. In one episode it depicted a man having sex with his Rottweiler, all during Prime Time. If our children can see and hear this, doesn’t it become a form of inappropriate sex with a child, child abuse, child pornography or lewd behavior with a child? Does there have to be physical contact with the child for laws to be broken? The movie and TV ratings systems shifted responsibility to the parents and guardians and insulated Hollywood from any and all responsibility. Should that be so? Has the FCC, in their zeal to liberate Hollywood creativity, made things worse? The jury is in.
5. Divorce and abuse. By most standards, one would agree that divorce has skyrocketed in the US. Some would argue that it is a good thing because it doubles the economy and consumer base. They are now selling 4 televisions instead of 2, to the same family. What about spousal and family abuse?
6. Greed is the biggest motivator of evil and has taken over much of our lives.
These examples have become normal accepted behaviors. I am sure there are many more examples of departures from God’s teachings.
According to Cahn’s book, the scriptures say that the people responsible for the demise of America are the Christians themselves for not doing what they were charged to do by God. According to the NIV Life Application Study Bible Mathew 5:13 “If a seasoning has no flavor, it has no value. If Christians make no effort to affect the world around them, they are of little value to God. If we are too much like the world, we are worthless. Christians should not blend in with everyone else.” All churches of today are pre occupied with individual salvation and recruitment. This is good, but according to the book it’s not the purpose that is called for. I do believe the Christian Churches, including Catholics, Muslims and all religions can come together and applaud God’s teachings publicly and on a national forum, Prime Time if you will. Even though many of the horses have left the barn, things still can change. If Christianity is serious about saving mankind’s soul, it needs to stop operating quietly behind the scenes. It’s time to be out front and loud! The churches’ message has always been noble and good, but the delivery needs work. The Harbinger is a call for all the religious caucuses of the country to wake up, bond together and do, as Jesus did. Get involved. As Jesus went face to face with adversity, authority, which threatened the status quo, so should all the churches of today do. Stand up to political correctness. Influence good law. Overturn bad policies. When Congress and the Supreme Court advocate policy and pass law benefitting the few who are the loudest, whether an individual group or corporations, that’s bad. Ephesians 6-12 says that “the struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of the dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil”. There doesn’t seem to be any prioritization. Isn’t it the responsibility and duty of all Christianity to stand up, make change, and turn the direction of America back to God? I believe that is what the book is saying, but is it too late? One warning has already come. One way to get started is to tithe to your church and make clear what you expect of them. This time it’s going to take a lot more money to deliver the message. If God has left the building, bunkering up our individual souls may not get us to the Pearly Gates.

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Chuck StoffelApr 7, 2015 - 10:21 am
Good Job Jim!
I would like to like this to facebook.
Jeff KesApr 7, 2015 - 10:25 am
I feel the same way and I truly believe this is happening.

I will have to get this book and read it.

Thanks Jim!
KenApr 7, 2015 - 10:30 am
Appreciate and support your comments, we've been silent too long.
Michael Archambault Apr 7, 2015 - 10:47 am
Very profound. Just one thing, God does not want to punish us. He wants to pardon us. BUT He can't if we insist on being in rebellion against Him.
You should check out Thru The Bible Radio. Try their app.
BartApr 7, 2015 - 10:56 am
Steve JongsmaApr 7, 2015 - 10:58 am
Well stated Jim, Amen! I thank you and commend you for the post.
BobApr 7, 2015 - 11:47 am
Good research and good job!
Be bold!
Dean DaultApr 7, 2015 - 11:47 am
Well said.
Steve SargentApr 7, 2015 - 12:54 pm
Well thought-out and well written. Agree with the conclusions. May God have mercy on us all!
Robert SzykaApr 7, 2015 - 1:14 pm
Hey Jim,
As I journey through a weekly class on understanding Saint John's "Revelations", your timely and well penned essay reinforces how so many of us are having the same concerns and deducing the signs of impending national implosion, politically and morally. I just saw a quote recently by Teddy Roosevelt that rings with your treatise: “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”
This accelerating decay here is now gone past its 100th birthday and is fomenting in all societal areas you have mentioned. Thanks for breaking your rule of no politics-religion "speak". Someone has to before we hold our breath so long, we self-suffocate our own Faith in the One True God with political and "professional" politeness.

God Bless and Speed you and your Family, Jim!

John ZeitzApr 7, 2015 - 2:14 pm
Thanks for speaking out for what so many of us believe.
I admire you getting involved and reminding the rest of us to get involved.
Doug TroutApr 9, 2015 - 11:17 am
Jim, thank you for stepping out and writing this article. These are troubling times we live in and as has been said. All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good folks to do nothing. Thanks for doing this great thing.
daeApr 13, 2015 - 11:17 am
I just started reading this book last night and I am half way through it! I have been thinking all morning--and now I see your commentary--God's speaking! We need to not only wake up--but act on it and speak up! Thanks for sharing!
Randy StogsdillApr 15, 2015 - 4:05 pm
That was very well written and pretty much spot on. Great job Jim. We as Christians have become complacent. Thanks for sharing!
Barry LitwackJan 25, 2016 - 1:21 pm
try this title: KOSHER JESUS
written by Rabbi Shmuely
Boteach..It was published around 2013/14. Stunning.
Really opens your eyes.
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Buyer Beware
Buyer Beware By: Jim Szumera - MACOR Published on: 12/1/2014
Uh Oh-Buyer Beware

Christmas is almost here. Black Friday is over but the sales and shopping frenzy continue. In the past decade every company from automotive to mayonnaise manufacturing has been engaged in cost cutting and reduction. At first, the cost savings made sense, were necessary, and mostly came from eliminating waste, redundancy, workforce and basically trimming operations. Everything that can be cut has been cut but the habit still remains intact. The cost cutting culture is so prevalent that it has now migrated to the product. The very integrity of the products we buy are in question. Instead of continued focus on efficiency and creating robust processes, companies have begun tinkering with their products durability, integrity, content and construction. A quart of mayonnaise is now 30 ounces. A can of tuna fish has 20% more water. A good example of less content is Hershey’s Air Delight Kisses, where they pumped air bubbles into the chocolate. Jeans are now as thin as tee shirts. The 2 liter bottle of soda is now 1.5 mil thick instead of 3. I found that one out the hard way. I unscrewed the cap and grabbed the bottle to pour out a glass and the bottle collapsed in my hand gushing soda pop everywhere. The automotive industry has taken out so much metal that the air bags, when deployed, may cause the car to float in the air like a balloon. That is a bit of a stretch, but you get the point. They are offering the same engines and body parts but are giving us a boat load of Two Dollar Tech. Trust no one. Examine everything from toys to clothing. The cost savings du jour are thinner wall thickness, less content, more fillers, less screws, cheaper glue, wrong steel, substitutions, paint and primer in one coat, planned obsolescence, and the list goes on. Buyer beware! Your only defense is to keep your receipts and hit the return lines.
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