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Progressive Coining Dies

  • Coining or swaging dies are tools that reduce the parent metal thickness.  The important factor in designing coining dies is applying extreme hold down pressure on the metal before coining.  Doing this prevents the metal from bulging upward during the process.  Nitrogen cylinders are usually a good design choice.
  • The strip must be relieved or notched out to allow the material to flow unobstructed.
  • Whenever possible isolate the coining anvil from other die blocks.  This will eliminate transfer of shock to piercing stations.  Actually, die sections should be separated in all types of tooling for the same reason, especially with fragile punches.
  • All coining dies require lubricant.  Formulate the proper stamping lubricant suited to the application.
  • Specialty tool steels and shock resistant steels should also be considered.
  • Use a robust precision type die shoe.
  • Press accuracy is also critical.  Too much deflection results in broken tooling.
  • Incorporating die electronics and sensors will improve efficiency.
  • In higher production applications electronic gaging, vision systems and attribute gages should be utilized.
  • Absent carbide components, tool coatings and surface treatments can add needed lubricity to the process and allow the material to flow easier.
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