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The Strip Joint™

WANTED:  Die Strips for publication.  We will pay cash (up to $100 for each strip) for your strips from progressive dies or from transfer operations with parts showing all sequences, depending on the posting.  The strips must be from first or last piece production and in good condition without any distortion or contamination.  The strips may be analyzed, photographed and posted in the Strip Joint with a link to you or your company, a brief description, and the analysis with possible problems and solutions.  Contact Jim Szumera at for details.  Please include your contact information.

All the strips represent the actual sequence of operations in the progressive die. While many dies ran successfully, several exhibited post completion problems due to slugs, locations, inaccuracies, blanks falling out, failed components, ejection and miss feeds. Many improvements have been made, such as upgrades to powder metal steels and carbide, to facilitate production and are outlined with each strip. Some strips show top and bottom views and can be enlarged for clarity.  These dies usually utilize steel coil, brass coil, stainless steel coil, and other alloy coil stock in production

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