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DTC Products’ Slug Retention Machine

DTC Products’ Slug Retention Machine DTC Products new Slug Retention Machine uses a pneumatically-powered grinder to precisely machine a small angled groove into the sidewall of a die cavity in a stamping die, preventing slugs from pulling back onto the die block.
The device measures less than 10" high and weighs less than 10 lbs.

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Jeff DeCore

Precision Assembly Presses

Precision Assembly Presses The A-1000 series air press is ideal for precision assembly work, staking, shearing, and for punching of light gauge metal or plastic. It utilizes the same cast ductile iron frame as our popular DT-500 manual press. This press consists of a ground cast base and a separate column. The clearance under the column can be increased by adding a riser block between the base and the column on special request. The A-1000 series pneumatic press comes equipped with dual hand anti-tie-down/anti-repeat controls and a three inch stroke lengt, T-Slot Table, as well as an adjustable down stop/anti-rotate mechanism.

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Janesville Tool

Intelligent Variable Blank-holder Force System

Intelligent Variable Blank-holder Force System Intellicass has developed an intelligent variable blank-holder force system that allows precise local material flow control during the deep drawing process. Enormous cost savings from reduced simulation and die tryout time.
See it here:

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Marv Garellek

Unist Metal Forming Lubrication Systems

Unist Metal Forming Lubrication Systems Unist's Uni-Roller® and the SPR-2000™ fluid controller provides metal stampers and roll formers with unparalleled precision for lubricating both coil and blank stock.

The Unist method is the most effective way to apply metal forming fluids and has been proven in applications around the world.

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Loop Controls

Loop Controls Unruly loop controls cost you thousands of dollars in LOST PRODUCTION, SCRAP and TOOLING DAMAGE.

At Waddington Electronics we tame loop control problems.

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John Waddington

Hyson Servo Cushion

Hyson Servo Cushion Our Servo Cushions are easy to operate & designed for smooth integration into your press. The cushion features an adjustable force profile, pre-accleration & delay functions, part knockout capability, variable force while the ram is stationary, & a digital touch screen interface for total control

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Bridget Darby


Nitro-Cam Delivers force to pierce, flange, form & trim from nearly any angle/position for almost any application. It's equipped with built-in overload protection, preventing damage to the die. Visit to see how Nitro-Cam can reduce costs, increase productivity, & reduce press wear/damage.

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Bridget Darby

True Strip

True Strip Moeller Manufacturing introduced True Strip, a self contained punching and stripping operation in a ball lock design. This unique design guides the punch to prevent deflection and increases the life while allowing for easy assembly.

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734 416 0000

Origin International Inc. Announces the Availability of CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS®

Origin International Inc. Announces the Availability of CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS® Origin chose SOLIDWORKS® as the platform for the CheckMate CAD based dimensional metrology software based on the quality of the product, its level of penetration in the manufacturing sector. The software will serve to enhance our customers metrology experience and increase their productivity.

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Janet Wiaderny

Intelligent Variable Force Stamping System Saves on Materials and  Defects

Intelligent Variable Force Stamping System Saves on Materials and Defects Michelangelo is an Intelligent Variable Force Stamping System that attaches to any 400 ton + press offering significant material savings and reduced defects in the manufacture of stamped metal automobile panels to kitchen sinks. Savings estimates for automobile doors is $1,000/hr for each unit.

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Marv Garellek

Advanced HydroColloid Stamping Compound

Advanced HydroColloid Stamping Compound Breakthrough Stamping Lubricant for Optimum Performance on Multiple Alloys with Multi- Stage Cost Savings.

Premium Interface
Improves Part Quality
Prolongs Tooling Life
Corrosion Resistant
Weld over Ability
High Lubricity
Low Viscosity
Auto Approved

Free Trial Upon Request
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Scott Shy

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