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Carbide Corner

  • Working with carbide in the fabrication and running stamping dies is really not that difficult. The reluctance to use carbide is usually found in the cost, the machining, and possibly the perception of extended maintenance hours.
  • Carbide far outweighs the cost in improved performance. Carbide can be readily machined into shapes utilizing the wire EDM process. Some precaution needs to be taken when machining carbide as outlined in the following pages.
  • The finish is critical in having success running carbide dies. It is a good practice to lap or polish the carbide surfaces, especially cutting edges. It is also advantageous to break or polish the actual cutting edges smooth with a diamond lap. This will help prevent premature chipping.
  • Another critical factor is tool line up and press condition. Running a properly lined up tool in a poor running press will not work for long, and vice versa.
  • Carbide punches and dies can extend production runs greatly.
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