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The goal of is to meet the needs of the Metal Stamping populous by providing information to better design, build and produce formed metal parts.  To accomplish this, our task is to constantly update and provide new ideas, technical data sheets and free downloads, new product news, timesavers, pictorials, free classifieds with great job offerings from great companies,  solutions and editorial content to the Metal Stamping Industry.  For the advertiser, this creates a unique opportunity to connect with their targeted audience and key prospects, specifically decision makers such as process engineers, tool designers, operations and project managers, and product engineers whose career revolves around the design and manufacture of a metal stamped part.  

There are several types of home pages to choose from.  The first is the Premium Homepage (Stampingworld).  The second is the Strip Joint homepage.  The third is the Feature Homepage (Training, Viewpoint, Die Shop Manager, Free Classifieds, Tech Data, Metal price Trends and Product News).  All the ads on the Feature Homepages are fixed and always visible during any visitor search or scrolling activity.  The fourth is a Category Homepage (Blanking Dies, Coining Dies, Forming Dies,  High Speed Stamping Dies, Draw Dies, Carbide Corner, Problems and Solutions, Tooling Tips) Choosing a Category Homepage also provides you with all the content pages within that category at no extra charge.  You can have a different ad on any of the content pages in that same location.  It is an excellent venue to showcase many of your different and unique products or services with urls pointing directly to your respective web page.  You also receive any additional content pages that are added after your ad is placed. 

To begin, click your desired homepage ad location and establish your account, if you haven’t already.  All information is used only to process your account.  Once your account is established and you have completed your shopping cart and checked out you will be prompted to add your web link and logo or product picture.   Visa and mastercard are accepted.

The logo/ ad must be exactly 150 X 150 pixels.  Need help?  Our graphics design team can create an ad for you at no additional charge.

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email order confirmation.  Because of the preference location, the subscription fee is non refundable but can be renewed.  You will be notified by email prior to your ad expiration.

Premium Homepage $1290.00 / 6 Months
$1896.00 / Year
Stampingworld Homepage
Feature Homepage $495.00 / 6 Months
$795.00 / Year
Free Classifieds, Technical Data, Viewpoint, Die Shop Manager, Training, New Product News, Metal Price Trends and search engine
Strip Joint Homepage $690.00 / 6 Months
$996.00 / Year
Strip Joint Homepage
Category Homepage (includes all content pages of the category)
$990.00 / 6 Months
$1494.00 / Year
Blanking Dies, Coining Dies, High Speed Dies, Forming Dies, Draw Dies, Carbide Corner, Tooling Tips, Problems and Solutions